My name is Markus Müller

I have a M.Sc. in Business Psychology and I am currently studying Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.) in the 6th semester.

Throughout my university years and various internships, I discovered my passion for analyzing and visualizing data for presentations. I found great joy in working with SPSS, a statistical data analysis software, and took on the responsibility of data analysis in group tasks. For my bachelor's thesis, I utilized a two-factor analysis of covariance with two covariates, while my master's thesis involved using moderated multiple regression to address my research questions.

In February 2020, after completing my Master's in Business Psychology, I delved into learning Python driven by my interest in statistical analysis. I started with the fundamental libraries for data analysis: NumPy for mathematical and statistical calculations, Pandas for efficient data representation in a DataFrame (similar to Excel), Matplotlib for data visualization, and scikit-learn as the standard library for Machine Learning. I acquired knowledge through Udemy courses, YouTube videos, and books.

As my enthusiasm grew for these topics, and inspired by the unique circumstances during the Corona pandemic, I embarked on studying Applied Computer Science in October 2020. I am currently in the 6th semester. Throughout my computer science studies, I have honed my programming skills and deepened my understanding of various subjects, such as Object-Oriented Programming with Java, relational databases with SQL, and data structures and algorithms. In the fifth semester, I chose the application of AI course, during which I created a Question Answering System using a transformer model (a brief summary of the project can be found here). Additionally, I actively pursue personal projects to further enhance my skills, and a selection of these projects can be found under the Profolio section.


My general goal is to support decision making with statistical and mathematical analysis of data to provide insights, using various tools such as Python, SQL, Tableau/PowerBI, SPSS, or Excel.

What do I do in my spare time?

Besides coding and learning new stuff I like being outdoors doing activities like soccer, biking (mtb) and mountain climbing.